Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Now 2!

Truth be told, I always used to think that Disneyland was overrated. Let me explain why. I remember my parents taking the entire family (of 8) to Disneyland when I was 10 years old, that's 20 years ago! I don't really have a ton of memories from that trip other than getting autographs from Mini Mouse and Mickey, and wearing a dress that my mom made me just for our Disney trip. I mean, it was so long ago that my memories are so subtle and so long ago that I never developed any strong feelings or connection to Disney.

I hear stories of people going multiple times a year since they were babies, or every holiday. But for me it was just 1 time. So, I decided that I should give it a change to "change my mind." Beckham is turning 2! What a perfect time to go! The whole planning of this trip was so exciting, and being there and witnessing Beckham's face light up everywhere he looked, happy people all over, music, food, performance etc, well.... that won me over.

 Now I get it why it's such a big deal for people!! How can you NOT fall in love?

Disney, you win again. You have another fan that will gladly contribute to your trillion dollar industry.  See you soon! (I don't know about every year, but...soon!)

He was tall enough to ride!

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