Friday, June 6, 2014

Dear London

Where to begin! First, I am so grateful to God for giving Bequer and I the opportunity to have a dream come true. If I can describe this trip in two words: Life-Changing. It really did change my life. We were exposed to so many beautiful things that I don’t ever want to forget - reason why we decided to take a gazillion pictures. Bequer, my love, thank you for being the “Itinerary King!” You planned the most amazing vacation. Thank you, thank you!! 


You have quite the style. You are elegant and classy, yet urban and modern -a perfect balance. We felt so safe walking your streets. We enjoyed seeing all the morning runners and super fit people. Loved your weather with your perfect Spring breeze. All the men dress so nicely in their blue fitted blue suits - even the women have their fitted blue blazers! Your metro was a life-saver; though extremely intricate, very useful nonetheless. You have levels after levels of life under the city; truly admirable. So many places to see, so much history to tell. Big Ben and the London Eye were definitely the center of attention. We were completely amazed that your sunsets are at 9:30PM! You are beautiful and then you give humanity so many hours in the day to enjoy you. You drive on the opposite side of the road, which I must admit looked a little weird; but that’s what makes you special. You are also quite expensive; my poor dollar was almost worth half in pounds. Thanks for letting us cruise through your river and kiss under the London Bridge. 

Thank you for having us. 

Tower Bridge

Admiralty Arch & "The Mall"

London Tower

London Ferry (boat ride)

The Parliament (Big Ben)

London Tower

Inside the London Eye

Millennium Bridge
Thames River
Shakespeare's Globe & Tate Modern

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

Trafalgar Square & Nelson's Column

London Eye
Potters Field Park

London Eye
Hyde Park & Marble Arch

St. Paul's Cathedral
The Shard 
Westminster Abbey

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