Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seasonal Favorites

The creative bug came to visit me last night when I couldn't sleep. I got back from the gym and I usually am very tired afterwards, but this time I just could not sleep! (maybe it was because I stopped at xbux before coming home..whoops!) So I got up and decided to do this little mini blog about some of my favorite things for this season. Here are my 11 favorite things! for this cold season! 

1. Starbucks' Chai Tea Latte, Grande (I never, ever order Venti even in my peak of crave, I just know I'll never finish it)
This stuff is so good I can name my non-existent child, "Chai"

2. Polka Dot Sweater - I got this sweater last year at one of those stores at the mall that you'll never know its name. But, you can find a similar Polka Dot Sweater at Forever 21

3. iPhone5 Doodles of People Case - I got this case at Nordstrom, and I immediately became very intrigued by the art on this case.  I couldn't find the exact same one online, but I found a website that sells similar patterns Society Six - Doodle iPhone Case

4. Ray Ban Optics -These I just wear on my face everyday so, it had to be a favorite!  Ray Ban Optics

5. The Hat - I would wear it everyday if I could, but we know that's not possible. I got it at Target and it has been featured before.

6. Glovettes - On my trip to Chicago, I did not bring gloves with me. First, because I did not own a pair. So I got these there, again, from a store I do not know the name of. But find similar ones at ModCloth Glovettes

7. Crochet Braided Headband - I also got it at Chi-Town at an HM - they don't display their scarves or headbands on their website but be sure they'll have it, I promise you! Also, I found this girl who sells all kind for very cheap! Here: Crochet Headbands

8. Burberry Watch - This was a Christmas gift from +Bequer Montenegro last year :) and I have worn it every single day since then. You can find it at any Burberry store if you want it.

9. Marc Jacobs - Lola Perfume. My current favorite scent. I got me a rollerball just to test it; I loved it so maybe I'll gift me a whole 3.4oz! Marc Jacobs Lola

10. Wedged Boots - Confession, I buy a pair of boots every winter. Cheap boots, that is.  This is the thing, once they go on, they don't come off until I welcome Spring, no joke. So, needless to say, I use the heck out of them and retire them afterwards. These I got at Forever 21


11. Crossbody Handbag - This has been featured in another post also. It is just the perfect size, perfect color and style. It also fits all of my stuff. Check it out: Crossbody Handbag - Target

This concludes my Season Favorites! 


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