Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Until Next Year September

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September came and left too quickly. Though short, long lasting will be all the 
memories I made. It brought tears, smiles, challenges, surprises, forgiveness and so 
many other emotions that stirred my heart. 

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It is strange how much you learn about yourself when you blog. Every time I begin to type, all these vivid images come to mind. I begin to dedicate time to all the things I saw, all the people I spoke to and all the stories I heard. Then I analyze how I took on that experience in my life; what my initial thoughts were, what my intentions became and how my heart felt. As I think, I find myself speaking to myself under my breath, "Do you have any idea how blessed you are? How much are you really honoring your creator?" - among other questions. Haha. I'm telling you, self-talk is something very powerful. Well, I am glad I ask myself those questions than someone else. I learn, I pray and I allow God to work in my life. September was a time of thinking. 

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