Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Honey Bunny

This day came way fast! My sister Maribel just told us she was pregnant and then all of a sudden here we are three weeks away from meeting pretty face Addison! I can't wrap my head around that. 

On October 19th we celebrated baby Addison's baby shower, themed Honey Bunny; hence all the bunnies. Let me just say that my sister was the genius behind this theme because SHE is the one with the creative mind - yes it's her. Also, I must say that 90% of this shower was made from scratch, because that's how we Montijo girls roll! Those stuffed bunnies you will see if you keep scrolling, SHE MADE from scratch! How super amazing is that? She didn't just make 1 but like 7 or so. They decorated the tables beautifully. Also, part of the center pieces was a vase filled carrots with the stem attached which served as an extra touch. 

Made from scratch: From the bunnies sewn to each other, to the dots on the wooden utensils and the bunny stamped cookie pouches. Finally, what kind of a Honey Bunny inspired baby shower would this have been if there was no carrot cake? So yes, there was carrot cake, which too had to be made from scratch and I am very proud of myself as it was delish! I will post the recipe and instructions on my next blog! Yay! 

Note to Addison: We love you, please be born on November 11th. Thanks. 

Addison, you have a beautiful face! Look at you!

The happy mommy opening her gifts

Addison's brother Aiden - who loves strawberry wafers. 

Who can create the best looking baby with a piece of play dough? - Game 1

...Now on to my sister Lily's baby shower

Monday, October 14, 2013

Railroad Sunset


As the seasons change, so will our wardrobe, whether we like it or not. But since I actually enjoy it, I wanted to show a super easy outfit anyone can put together, which will be perfect for this time of year.



I chose a mustard yellow blazer over your typical red dress. I personally own a bunch of blazers because they are an easy to-go piece that will fancy-up any outfit. So, if you choose any dress and add a blazer, bam! You're all set. Now, being that it is getting a bit chilly (emphasis on "a bit", because Arizona likes to take it pretty time to welcome the winter) I added a scarf and knotted it at waist length.


Since I felt like I had a lot going on as far as layers of clothing, I wanted to tone it down on my purse. So I chose a simple and small dark color crossbody handbag. The chain on the bag is gold, so it matches perfect with my gold watch and gold shoes. Finally, I have been very much in love with my hat, which I'll just throw on at any given moment. 

And this completes the look! 

Dress - H&M: 
Blazer - New York & Co. 
Shoes - Nordstrom's Rack
Purse - Target
Scarf - Target
 Hat - Target





Friday, October 11, 2013

Getting Closer

It is nothing new that I am totally and completely into country d├ęcor. I have been a faithful subscriber for like 4 years now. Every magazine I receive continues to make my heart happy. I just dream of one day being able to decorate my own house with all things pretty. One day...
Beside magazines, October has also brought more iced coffee, gold attire and an even more handsomer husband +Bequer Montenegro.
In other news, I am beginning to get butterflies in my stomach just thinking on how much closer we are getting to the holidays, New Years and new resolutions! In all sincerity, I've never really cared for resolutions; but this year I've come up with some pretty awesome plans, so hurry up 2014! Let's get the new year started!
Anywhoodles, last night, +Bequer Montenegro  my friend +Venus Jacobus, her bf Joe and myself attended a Shawn McDonald & The City Harmonic Concert. This is the truth, I am not really into concerts and I never have been. But I decided to give this one a try because I was going with really special people. To my surprise, it was more interesting than I anticipated. The City Harmonic was still really loud as I figured they'd be. However, they sure do know how to entertain a crowd and that I appreciate. Shawny Shaw, he was so simple and my ears were actually happy with what they were hearing. In conclusion, I had a wonderful time. I should give concerts more credit.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Until Next Year September

photo (2)

September came and left too quickly. Though short, long lasting will be all the 
memories I made. It brought tears, smiles, challenges, surprises, forgiveness and so 
many other emotions that stirred my heart. 

photo (3)

It is strange how much you learn about yourself when you blog. Every time I begin to type, all these vivid images come to mind. I begin to dedicate time to all the things I saw, all the people I spoke to and all the stories I heard. Then I analyze how I took on that experience in my life; what my initial thoughts were, what my intentions became and how my heart felt. As I think, I find myself speaking to myself under my breath, "Do you have any idea how blessed you are? How much are you really honoring your creator?" - among other questions. Haha. I'm telling you, self-talk is something very powerful. Well, I am glad I ask myself those questions than someone else. I learn, I pray and I allow God to work in my life. September was a time of thinking. 

photo (5)

photo (6)

photo (7)

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