Monday, July 29, 2013

A Little Random Weekend

We spend a lot of time at baseball games. Our kind of romantical dates :)
Sad Story: +Bequer Montenegro and I did not get to see fireworks on 4th of July. Happy Story: Thank you Chase Field for providing a great show after we kicked San Diego Padres butt with a 10-0 final score! Go DBacks!  

Finally dared to ride in my friend +Alisha Espino 's scooter. I did not die. 

Random Picture: Miniature crane I made with a 1 square inch paper. 

 TheMasonBarCompany reposted my picture! Pretty sweet moment I'd say. I had my Insta-Minutes of Fame :) But in serious talk, I really do love her mason jar tumblers! They are not only super cute and trendy, but they really keep your drinks cold. Go buy one! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Today, July 11th was a very special day for me. I was finally able to debut my little online shop that I had been working on in secret for a bit now. I must be honest though, I was quite nervous,  expecting all sorts of criticism and hoping for the worst. BUT, it didn't turn out that way - Thank God! I was amazed at how much support I received. I am thankful for your kind words if you are reading this :) Time for the next thing! Happy Shopping! 

(Oh yes,  I cannot forget about my better half - Bequer, thank you for all your time invested in this shop. You're my geek)

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