Thursday, February 28, 2013

For a Thursday


For a Thursday let me just say it was a pretty darn good one. Coworkers always craving the yummiest lunches, and of course I am very hard to convince ;) so we made our way to one of our favorites: Pane Bianco. I promise you that their interior decor just makes their food taste better for me. 

Later, my sister Maribel and I had a little Lady's Night out at Union at the Biltmore.  Bought a few goodies, did a lot of tasting (non-alcoholic of course). And my favorite purchase was at Francis - this REWINED candle that smells like heaven, truly! The vase is an actual wine bottle, talk about sustainability! Not too bad for a Thursday eh?!


  1. Aaah! Pane Bianco - my fave! I've got to take Ezekiel there again next time we are in town.

    1. YES! We can all go! And then have some coffee at Lux!


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